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How the West was Burned

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Yellowstone 1988: Historic fires burned 1.2 million acres in and around the national park.

Awbrey Hall 1990: 21 homes and 3,353 acres burned on the outskirts of fast-growing Bend.

Paint 1990: Human-caused fire destroyed 666 structures near Santa Barbara.

Firestorm 1991: Wind-driven fires near Spokane turned into 35,000-acre blaze that ravaged 114 homes.

Tunnel 1991: Oakland/Berkeley Hills fire killed 25 people and destroyed 2,843 houses plus 433 apartments.

Laguna Canyon 1993: 366 homes destroyed in affluent, hilly area of Laguna Beach.

Topanga 1993: Classic Southern California fire, driven by Santa Ana winds, destroyed 411 structures.

South Canyon 1994: 14 firefighters killed in Colorado blowup.

Hochderffer 1996: Charred 16,400 acres near Flagstaff.

Cerro Grande 2000: Burned 47,650 acres and destroyed 350 structures in Los Alamos.

Clear Creek 2000: One of many wildfires in Idaho and Montana that torched nearly 2.3 million acres.

Valley Complex 2000: Series of fires in Bitterroot Valley burned 356,000 acres, 240 structures.

Southern California 2003: Driven by drought and Santa Ana winds, roughly 750,000 acres burned, about 4,800 homes were destroyed, and many lives were lost, mostly in San Diego County.

Santa Clarita, 2004: More than 6,000 acres blackened; more than 1,600 homes evacuated. The Pine fire 20 miles to the north burned 17,500 acres and destroyed three homes.

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