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Disaster Preparedness Checklist

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Answer YES (Y) or NO (N) to the following questions:

1. ___Has our family discussed disaster preparedness?

2. ___Do we have enough disaster supplies to last 72 hours?

3. ___Do we have a disaster supply kit in each car?

4. ___Has an adult or teenage in our household had First Aid training in the last three


5. ___ Has an adult or teenager in our household had CPR training in the last three years?

6. ___Do we have an extra week’s supply of medications plus copies of prescriptions?

7. ___Do we have functioning smoke detectors on every level of our home, and outside

each bedroom?

8. ___Do we have a charged ABC fire extinguisher and know how to use it?

9. ___Does our family know how to turn off all utilities?

10. ___Have we safeguarded our most important family records?

11. ___Has our family discussed where to meet outside our neighborhood in case of


12. ___Do we have an out-of -the area phone contact?

13. ___Do our school age children’s school or day care center have a disaster plan? Do

we know what it is?

14. ___Has our family had an earthquake drill in the past year?

15. ___Have we designated a person to pick up our child/children if we are unable to do so?

16. ___Have we reduced earthquake hazards in our home?

___ strapped the water heater?

___ installed strong cupboard latches?

___ anchored heavy furniture to wall studs?

___ secured items which might fall (TV, computer, clocks, books etc.)?

17. Does a neighbor have a key/permission to check our home in case of disaster?

Follow up on any “no” answers .


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